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R&D Achievements

Through years of development, CCRMM has gained numerous achievements in the fields including foundry and environmentally friendly material technology, utilization technology of waste foundry sand, fracturing proppant technology for shale oil/gas industry, etc.
▲ In 2000, CCRMM’s products were jointly named the only recommended resin coated foundry sand by China foundry material standardization committee and China critical casting quality supervision and inspection center.
▲ In 2001, CCRMM has passed the ISO9001:2000 and its resin coated sand were added into high-tech project by Chongqing municipal government.
▲ In 2012, CCRMM’s reclaimed sand, CCITEK® inorganic binder and resin coated sand with reclaimed sand were honored as innovative products by Chongqing municipal government.
▲ The 50/100 foundry sand and low ammonia resin coated sand were rewarded as the best product during China Foundry Material Expo 2013.

Invention and patent

Till April 2014, CCRMM has applied for and gained 22 national patents and 38 utility model patents in the fields of regeneration technology, resin coated sand and inorganic technology.

Thesis and articles

CCRMM researchers has published over 10 professional papers on “Casting Engineering”, “Modeling Materials” and other professional journals, covering all types of applications and technologies related to foundry sand.
“Reclamation Technology for Used Foundry Green Sand”
“Application of Special Resin-coated Sand for Cylinder Block and Head Castings”
“Development and Application of Trivalent Chromium Passivator for Aluminum Alloy”
“Natural Color Passivation with Trivalent Chromate for Aluminum Alloy”
“CFS-JL Resin-coated Sand used on Cummins 6B Cylinder Block”
“Application of new inorganic binder wet coated sand”
Interpretation of National Standards "Reclaimed Silica Sand for Foundry"
“Research on Fast Curing Energy-saving coated sand”
“Development and application of low expansion of raw sand using cold box coremaking resin technology”
“A new technique of environmental protection low fume coated sand”
“Application and research on new foundry coated sand with low ammonia”
“Application and research on ammonia-free coated sand”
“Summary of Application and Development of green foundry materials” Copyright ICP 11003915 prepared by Yu 2015 MOOC+

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