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CCRMM has a first class R&D center in foundry material engneering. Located at CCRMM headquarters, Chongqing Laboratory of Granule complex functional materials & enterprise's Engineering Center (Abbreviation:CLGEC) is the only research center sponsored by Chongqing  Municipalities Government.

R&D capabilities and qualifications

1. CCRMM was awarded "Chongqing High-tech Enterprises" by Chongqing municipal government in 2011;
2. CCRMM was awarded "Chongqing Municipal Enterprise Technology Center" by Chongqing municipal government in 2012;
3. CCRMM was approved and financially supported by Chongqing municipal government for the establishment of "Chongqing powder functional material engineering R&D center".

R&D facilities

The R&D center of CCRMM is a modern laboratory and office covering a space of 700 m2, and with a varietyof large-scale advance analytical instruments, including TGA/DCS thermal analyzer, XRD diffraction, Gas Chomatograph, chemical composition analyzer, video high-temperature sintering point tester, high temperature expansion, laser particle size analyzer, ect. The center cooperate with Schlli of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Southwest University and share share series of high-tech and large-scaled testing instruments, including liquid chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, chromatography, ect. All facilities are fully prepared for technological innovation, project development and research, product quality control to provide timely and accurate information.

R&D Manpower

Special-appointed techology consultant

The center special-appointed 8 experts, Doctors, Professors from Tsinghua University, Southwest University to cooperate with the team and work for original scientific research on new technology, new products, new equipment.
R&D team members

Dr. (Prof.): 8
Team lead with Master degree: 5
Senior Engineer: 4
Engineer: 3
Assistant engineers and technicians:13

High-level Cooperation

CCRMM set up the Dr. Studios for the professionals from Tsinghua University and School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Southwest University and established “Advanced Green Casting Materials Technology Center”, “Joint Laboratory” with the universities. CCRMM also set up “Golden Eagle” scholarship at School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Southwest University to support and encourage outstanding students and welcome them joining the company for technology development and technological innovation. Copyright ICP 11003915 prepared by Yu 2015 MOOC+

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