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Proppant for fresh w
Product introduction Product parameters

CTWPTM Fresh Water Fracturing Proppant is a newly developed environment-friendly invention patent pending product. The proppant resin expands with contact of water and the proppant can be suspended. At the same time, the proppant declining speed is retarded because the different interface tensions from solid phase, fluid phase and gas phase generate resistance to offset the propant's declining gravity. Thus, it can suit the pumping condition of water fracturing constuction without adding tackifiers so that deep well fracturing job can be realized.

Basic features:

. Anti embedment, high conductivity, improved oil/gas productivity;
. High strength upto 86MPa;
. Low density, slow settlement in fresh water, easier for long distance pumping;
. High chemical inertia, does not react with underground substances and pumping liquid, and is environmentally friendly;

. glassy surface, keep clean environment.

Detailed technical data is available upon requst.

Technical suggestions for the application of self-suspension proppant products:

1.Add CCOTEK self-suspension proppant and at the same time add a stipulated certain amount of clear water in the mixing equipment of fracturing trucks. The bottom stirring velocity is adjusted to 200-220rpm/min, the top stirring velocity is adjusted to 20-40 rpm/min. The better effect will be achieved if air is (blown) mixed when the proppant is added. (see the stirring effect in video).

2.The best mixing proportion between self-suspension proppant and clear water should be 20(proppant):100 (clear water). Copyright ICP 11003915 prepared by Yu 2015 MOOC+

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