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Sand core,by 乐天堂线上娱乐平台
Product introduction Product parameters

乐天堂线上娱乐平台 ® is a series of green inorganic foundry materials, including binder, sand, mold, coremaking system, sand mixer and sand delivery system, regeneration system, core storage system, and the standards of binder, core sand and recycled sand.

乐天堂线上娱乐平台 ® inorganic binder technology is self-developed by CCRMM ® and was listed in “2011 Chongqing innovative projects guidance” organized by Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission.
乐天堂线上娱乐平台 ® wet coated sand belongs to 乐天堂线上娱乐平台 ® foundry (core) sand products produced by inorganic binder technology. The sand can be used under low temperature (130℃~200℃), which is currently the most environmentally friendly warm box coated sand and is the first application in China. Using these smoke-free and smell-free products to make sand core, it will not only reduce the pollution to a minimum during pouring, keep a healthier working environment for workers, but also can reduce total investment and cost for foundries by reduced energy cost, increased productivity, and reduced defect rate typically caused by gas, pin hole, shrinkage, and expansion. 乐天堂线上娱乐平台 ® wet coated sand will be a revolutionary product in foundry industry. Copyright ICP 11003915 prepared by Yu 2015 MOOC+

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