Which River Do The Great Lakes Flow Into

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The Niagara River, including Niagara Falls, connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The Welland C., byp.ing the Falls, connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The Saint Lawrence River and the Saint Lawrence Seaway connect Lake Ontario to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which connects to the Atlantic Ocean..

The Chicago River and Calumet River systems connect the Great Lakes Basin to the Mississippi River System through man-made alterations and c.s..Map of river and flow directions, before and after re-engineering flow via the csystem. Note the "Before" does not show the existing Illinois and Michigan C .Great Lakes Watershed Native Americans were the original inhabitants of the Great Lakes basin. Histori.y, the Great Lakes played a significant role in .Great Lakes Connection / Connexion Grands Lacs. Linking Science and Citizens for Action / Les citoyens et la science en action.

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