Which Potato Chips Brand Has The Least Greace

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You will take a look at four different kinds of chips and crisps: kettle-fried potato chips, baked potato chips, Pringles Original potato crisps, and Pringles Reduced Fat potato crisps. Have fun, but be sure not to not eat your science fair project before you are done!.Fourth Grade Science Science Projects: Potato Chip Science: How Greasy Are If we 're trying to determine if a serving of one .nd of chips is greasier than . - The 15 Regional Potato Chipnds You Should Try at Least Once in the greasy crispiness of m.-produced fried potatoes, there is .

If we're trying to determine if a serving of onend of chips is greasier than another, why do you think recording the serving size for eachnd of chip is important? Find the total fat per serving for eachnd of chips, in grams. Record this number. Pick and of chips. Count out a number of chips equal to the serving size .Traditional fried potato chips contain lots of grease. The fat content on the side of the package will give you an accurate indication as the potato itself contains little to .Weigh the potato chips. Record the weight of the potato chips in your lab notebook. You should try to have between 0.5 oz. and 1 oz. of potato chips, so either add or remove some if your handful of chips isn't within that range. Now take the potato chips and mound them in the middle of the graph paper..These full-fat chips totally fit the bill. They're cooked in small batches, which means they use less oil literally, because the batches are smaller and the less oil .

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