Which Human Cell As The Most Mitochondria

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- For example, Muscle cells and Cardiac Muscles Heart cells need more energy than the normal cells of kidney, skin, etc. Hence they have more mitochondria to generate more ATP. The heart muscle cells have 5,000 mitochondria. Whereas the cell will have nearly 25-50 mitochondria arranged in the helix fashion..

The mitochondrion plural mitochondria is a double mem.ne-bound organelle found in almost all eukaryotic organisms. Some cells in some multicellular organisms may .Human mitochondrial genetics is the study of the genetics of human mitochondrial DNA the DNA contained in human mitochondria . The human mitochondrial genome is .Voyage inside the cell Two types of cells that make up all living things on earth: prokaryotic and eukaryotic. Prokaryotic cells check this , like .The structure and role of mitochondria plural for mitochondrion . Outer mem.ne, inner mem.ne, cristae, porins, etc..

  • What Cells Contain The Most Mitochondria

    The cells that contain the most mitochondria are the fat and muscle cells. These types of cells perform a variety of functions and require an abundant supply of energy, which is provided by the breakdown of adenosine triphosp., or ATP, found in the mitochondria. Continue Reading..

  • Which Cells Have The Most Mitochondria In Them

    Mitochondria are the power house of the cell. They mitochondria produce energy by breakdown of glucose. Therefore, the number of mitochondria in a cell is proportional to the energy demand of the cell. Tissues with higher energy requirement like red muscle and liver have a higher number of mitochondria..

  • What Types Of Cells Have The Most Mitochondria

    Quick Answer. Cells that need to perform high amounts of work, such as muscle cells in the heart and, fat cells and liver cells. Mitochondria are organelles which contain their own DNA. Animal cells generally have approximately 1,,000 mitochondria..

  • Human Mitochondrial Genetics Wikipedia

    The human mitochondrial genome is the entirety of hereditary information contained in human mitochondria. Mitochondria are small structures in cells that generate energy for the cell to use, and are hence referred to as the "powerhouses" of the cell..

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