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Its fun to dream of finding an old stamp and selling it for thousands of dollars. But if you dont know much Maybe harding 1 1/2c brown united states postage?. - Value of old stamp - if you don 't know how worth your rare stamp is? see the list of rarest and most valuable stamps issued in the U.S. and all .FREE US stamps prices and US stamp values to 1957. *** BASED ON REAL WORLD RESEARCHED and UP-TO-DATE PRICES - COMPLETE GUIDE ***..

Stamps of the Soviet Era 1918 - 1990 . Art Stamp Collectors Group present selected Stamps and Postal Stationery of the Soviet Russia and USSR from s, complete mint sets and single stamps, also used stamps of the same years..In 1999 the USPS issued this pane of 10 stamps showcasing the beauty of the Sonoran Desert is the first installment of the new Nature of America series..

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