Troubleshootingistant For Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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This page is the index of our Galaxy Note 3 Problems series, one of the running series on TDG. not Updating; Note 3 Insert SIM Card Error; Note 3 Wi-Fi Option Greyed Out; Note 3 Instant Messaging Code J Error; Note 3 Freezes; Note 3 Email Sending Failed; Note 3 Can 't Take Screens.; Note 3 Flash Does Not Turn On.. - I have been having some issues with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. About 3 months ago I had put in a 16g SanDisk micro SD card cl10 extreme PLUS my phone hasn 't been the same since. I lost all my snap chat p.os/.s I had saved unable to get them back as well The phone instantly was . - Phone type: Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Charlie. Troubleshooting: The IMS in the error message stands for instant messaging service. It is the kind of service used by instant messaging apps including email applications that you are using. You cannot tell whether the app that 's using the service is third-party .I was on root 4.1.2 and I removed it to upgrade to 4.3 Usually I drain my battery to 10 or so and then turn off my phone to charge it to full at least on.

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