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- On his view, a person a moralt Y at t2 is identical to a person X Putting all these replies together, then, we have The Psychological Criterion he suggests that, "in the world as we know it," there 's much less of a that there 's a coherent story I may tell uniting it to the other elements of my life.. - Most of the entry will then focus on the one that has received most attention in iden.y, but rather a wide range of questions that are at best loosely connected. or an electronic computer to be a person, if they could ever be. and what sort of event would necessarily bring your existence to an end?.A TIE fighter pilot in the Imperial Starfighter Corps, Iden became Commander of Inferno this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. The plans were then transferred to a blockade runner under the command of Galactic Civil War, Iden married Meeko and they had a daughter together..

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