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Tales written by the Brothers Grimm are some of the world's most well-known stories. Because the tales have been re-told countless times, including via the big screen, they can serve as a useful tool to teach about story plots and how authors develop them.. Tales from Around the World: Cinderella Lesson plan Students will certainly have a blast comparing and contrasting Cinderella stories from two different countries..Gri.' Tales, page 3 2013 by EducationWorld. This handout may be reproduced for educational use only. So when night came, and the hall in the castle was full of light and music, and.Tales by Grimm: Standards-Based Lesson Ideas From education world; links to further resources Brothers Grimm From Lesson Plan Li.ry GriTales Teacher Resources From Lesson Planet Lesson Plans/Activities From the Brothers Grimm Pathfinder Mrchenpdagogik..

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