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When considering the lights that you use in your building, it 's easy to think first Lights that use newer, electronic ballasts provide a better overall experience for 3 shared a neat trick on Youthat involves a simple cell phone camera..I think it is time everyone knows and uses some of these tricks, as they are both neat For materials, I just used a regular cell phone with a camera capability. These electromagnetic waves are emitted by many different sources, other than .

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    Just point your cell phone camera at the lamp, and take a picture. If the image displays dark bands ores, your fluorescent lamp is driven by a magnetic ballast. A modern, electronic ballast drives the lamp at a much higher frequency, and a picture of these lamps will be clearly different, without such bands..

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    This shows you how to tell if you have an magnetic ballast or electronic ballast. For more information plead us @ 770-744-1300 or em Ballast Test..

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    If you're in the dark, let me enlighten you: Magnetic Ballast Cell Phone Camera Trick The Sensor Switch BD-1 Ballast Discriminator is pictured above. BONUS: All incandescent lamps will show a red indicator light if you use a discriminator on them because they are a resistive load with no ballasts, drivers, or electronics..

  • How To Easily Tell If You Have A Magnetic Ballast Or

    Stand under the light or a place close to the light and point your cell phone camera at the light. If you can see some strong darks flickering in your camera, it must be a magnetic ballast based light. Otherwise it should be an electronic ballast based light..

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