Identity Fraud Assistance Center

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New advancements in how we file have made the process a little less painful, but have also left the door wide open forers, scammers, and iden.y thieves. Don 't Fall in Love with a Romance Scam. Unfortunately, the rise of internet dating sites and their widespread acceptance means more and more .Iden.y Theft Resource Center - TOLL-FREE NO COST .ISTANCE at 888-400-5530 2 .WASHINGTON, /PRNewswire/ -- ITAC, the Iden.y Theftistance Center, today announced that it helped its 100,000th consumer recover from iden.y theft using the free ITAC Victimistance service,ing it a milestone in consumer protection. The 100,000th victim, Jo Loi from Lakeville, Conn., was .

Learn more about iden.y theft. Whether you're a victim or trying to protect your ID, Equifax can help you better understand and protect from ID theft.. Iden.y Theft and Iden.y Fraud Victim .istance Guide What should I do if I become a victim? If you are victim of iden.y theft or iden.y fraud, you .Learn how to prevent and respond to iden.y theft..The Hodges University Iden.y Fraud Ins.ute provides iden.y theft education, research and victim .istance services..

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