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Jump to Root 's Resolutions for Resolving Otherness - With a footing in cultural psychology, Root suggests that the strongest conflict in biracial and multiracial iden.y development is the covering the racial hierarchy and history of the U.S., and the roles of family, age, or gender in the individual 's development..Foundational Theories of Biracial Iden.y. Development: Poston and Root. Poston 1990 and Root 1990 were the first scholars to publish models for the development of healthy biracial iden.y. Countering a history of skep- ticism about the possibility for healthy resolution of racial iden.y in bira- cial individuals .Their racial iden.ies in order to best serve the needs of this group.yzing Poston 's 1990 and. Root 's 2003 theories of multiracial iden.y development, this paper examines the experiences unique to this population to demonstrate that Asian-White individuals have the ability to choose from multiple racial iden.y .Bi-racial People. Biracial Iden.y Development W. S. Carlos Poston . Stages of iden.y development of biracial people. Continuum of Biracial Iden.y Model Kerry Ann Rockquemore and Tracey Laszloffy . Continuum rather than staged model. Resolutions of Biracial Iden.y Tensions Maria P. P. Root . Description of .

In the United States, race, ethnicity, and culture can have a profound impact on psychological development throughout the lifespan Simpson Yinger, 1985 ..Public debate surrounding the 2000 Census has focused on the addition of a multi-racial category. Advocates of this changeume that persons of mixed-race parentage .Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Iden.y, Power and Privilege. by Jeremy Goldbach. Contents. Introduction. What is Social Justice?.A young biracial girl in the Seattle School District was recently removed from her honors clby her teacher. The teacher claimed she was allergic to the girl's .

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    The development of healthy biracial iden.y. Countering a history of skep-ticism about the possibility for healthy resolution of racial iden.y in bira-cial individuals, psychologists Poston and Root offered alternatives to past models that hypothesized a "marginal" Stonequist, 1937 existence for biracial people..

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    While multiracial iden.y development refers to the process of iden.y development of individuals who self-identify with multiple racial groups. Multiracial individuals are defined as those whose parents are of two or more different and distinct federally recognized racial or ethnic groups..

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    Asian-White Iden.y Development Multiracial individuals are often Herman, 2004 , as one of Root's 1998 racial iden.y outcomes can result.

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    The current paper describes the phenomenological experience of marginal socio-ethnic status for biracial individuals. A metamodel for iden.y resolution for individuals who struggle with other status is proposed. Subsequently, multiple strategies in the resolution of ethnic iden.y development are proposed among which the individual may move .

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