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This study examines the relationship between the Sharia law, iden.y and conflict in Nigeria. This development is stu.d within the context of . - In Northern Nigeria, clashes between Muslim groupsmainly ethnic Hausa and Fulaniand Christian and traditionalist communities have become a monthly affair, with devastating consequences. In this charged environment where religion functions as the primary idiom of political iden.y, conflicts over . - The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between religion, ethnicity and those conflicts in the country. It looks at the notion of Iden.y in an attempt to explain the crof development and the complexities of modern Nigeria. A high level of corruption and the looting of state resources is another . - Conflicts motivated by religious iden.y have the reputation of being among the most intractable, given the often absolutist views to which they are tied. While adherence to belief systems can help to develop a sense of belonging and purpose, they can easily lead to intolerance, discrimination and violent .

  • Conflict Resolution Iden Y Cr And Development In

    There is a thematic overview, a section on iden.y cr., and on conflict resolution and development in Africa. Amongst the issues covered are language, structures of communication, ethnicity, power sharing, culture, epidemiology of convlict and violence in Nigera, political stability, economic development, and a caseysis of the Niger .

  • Iden Y Conflict Terror And The Nigerian

    116 IDEN.Y CONFLICT, TERROR AND THE NIGERIAN STATE: BETWEEN FRAGILITY AND FAILURE Adebowale Idowu Adeyeye Department of Political Sciences, Osun State University .

  • The Path Not Taken Conflict And Iden Y In Nigeria

    The Path Not Taken: Conflict and Iden.y in Nigeria. The subnational conflicts in Nigeria span a broad spectrum, overseeing the development of the Energy .

  • The Roots Of Nigerias Religious And Ethnic Conflict

    Since colonization established the basis for using iden.y politics as a means of accessing political and economic resources, religious differences have exacerbated political crises and have been implicated in major national conflicts such as the Nigerian civil war 1967-70 , in which the Biafran separatist movement initiated by the .

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