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The Story - Iden.y Cr. 2004 Iden.y Cr. 2004 : Iden.y Cr. is a seven-issue comic book limited series published by DC Comics from June to December in 2004. It was created by writerd Meltzer and the artistic team of penciler Rags Morales and inker Michael Bair..Iden.y cr. is defined as "the failure to achieve ego iden.y during adolescence." We have all had a stage in our adolescence where we wanted to find who we are and what we were going to be .Theorist Erik Erikson coined the term iden.y crand believed that it was one of the most important conflicts people face in development. According to Erikson, an iden.y cris a time of intensiveysis and exploration of different ways of at oneself..Rags Morales' JLA Iden.y Kiel Phegley Rags Morales returns to the team that made him a household name and explains why he's out to fix his "Iden.y Cr." mistakes, explore the most cl.ic modes of drawing, and avoid the pitfalls of waiting for the trade.

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