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- A corporate iden.y is the bigger picture of all the visual and sensual aspects of a company. Logo design; stationery; marketing collateral such as print brochures and direct mail; website design, email, social media; online, radio, magazine, billboard and display advertising; product design and packaging; .Corporate iden.y is the set of multi-sensory elements that marketers employ to communicate a visual statement about the .nd to consumers, n.d. . These multi-sensory elements include but are not limited to company name, logo, slogan, buildings, decor, uniforms, company colours and in some .Acknowledgements: The author is indebted to all those who haveisted in the preparation of this article, including the invaluableistance given by the reviewers. This paper has been reviewed separately by the European Journal of Marketing review board. Abstract: Outlines 15 explanations for the fog which has .CitrusBits is a leading corporate iden.y and .nd design company that helps clients to make their .nd their household name. We can help you establish a strong visual .nd through corporate iden.y. From a comprehensive website design review to advice on .nding across social media, we have you covered..

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