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From Real-world Iden.ies to Privacy-preserving and Attribute-based CREDentials for Device-centric Access Control The Iden.y Consolidator is one of the key . - Plaxo 's Online Iden.y Consolidatorwhich you can use here or download the source code and use yourselfstarts with one of your web sites . - Back to Use cases. The Iden.y Consolidator serves to connect multiple iden.ies under one user. Iden.y consolidator is used to consolidate . in sync and up-to-date, recently relaunching their whole service and adding plaxo pulse now releases an online iden.y consolidator based on microformats, .

Credentialing Process -- Collectively,cies have enrolled and issued computerized personal iden.y verification PIV cards to the majority of their employees 86 percent and contractors 72 percent ..Iden.y Consolidator enables the seamless integration of the multiple iden.y attributes of a user, both physical and online and provides access to this information to third parties taking into consideration relevant security, authorization and authentication aspects.. Iden.y consolidation is the ability for a user to indicate that one or more iden.ies, profiles, URLs across different sites all represent that same user. Also known as: profile aggregation, profile equivalency..Iden.y Consolidator The Identify Consolidator does not consolidate any data but just fires an theociated event handlers for each new data p.ed into its update method. TradeBar Consolidator.

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    Spot iden.y theft early. Review your credit reports. Su.ious activity or accounts you don't recognize can be signs of iden.y theft. Review your credit reports .

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