Identity Consolidator

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No information is available for this page.Learn why.Deliverable D4.1 "Iden.y Consolidator Baseline Platform". Submitted by wadmin on Mon, 29/01/2018 - 15:43. File: PDF icon recred_d4.1.pdf. Publication Category: Deliverables. Body: Deliverable D4.1 "Iden.y Consolidator Baseline Platform" .From Real-world Iden.ies to Privacy-preserving and Attribute-based CREDentials for Device-centric Access Control The Iden.y Consolidator is one of the key components of the ReCRED architecture. Iden.y Consolidator enables the seamless integration of the multiple iden.y attributes of a user, both physical and online . - Back to Use cases. The Iden.y Consolidator serves to connect multiple iden.ies under one user. Iden.y consolidator is used to consolidate different iden.ies, for example when you change an ins.ution or user wants to sign in different ways. Some services require their own login iden.y, a.g. Google..

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