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- The custom settings declared in the external config specifified in the file attribute will be merged with the settings in the appSettings section in the web.config file. In the meanwhile, the configSource does not support merging, it means that you 'll have to move the entire section settings into the external file.. - In the main application configuration file, you use the configSource attribute to specify the fully qualified name and location of the external file. This example refers to an hosting environment. Each application runs under a separate iden.y which restricts access to resources such as files and databases..Hi,. can anyone give me an example how to read connectionstring stored in external file in stead of the web.config file? I searched for it but I am still confused what the syntax it is. I guess I have to create a file and save it as xx.config in somewhere and use configsource in the web.config to point to that file .We can use the configSource attribute to reference external configuration files from our Web.config file. This approach allows us to place any configuration section into its own separate file, which can turn our enormous, cluttered Web.config into a lightweight file that references simple configuration files, each of which meets .

SectionInformation.ConfigSource Property.NET Framework The ConfigSource property represents the value of the configSource attribute that is specified for a . That however fails with an error: The configSource attribute is invalid.: The configSource 'D:\appSettings.config' is invalid. It must refer to a file in the same directory or in a subdirectory as the configuration file..Iden.yServer / Iden.yServer2. Code. < system.iden.yModel configSource = " configuration\iden.y.config < system.diagnostics configSource .VSphere users are defined in an iden.y source. An iden.y source can be a directory service like Active Directory and Open LDAP; a database that is internal to the .

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