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- Meanwhile, the external file specified in the configSource attribute contains the settings for the section which you declare the configSource for..The ConfigSource property represents the value of the configSource attribute that is specified for a ConfigurationSection object that isociated with the .I would like to implement functionality in one of my custom configuration sections to support the configSource attribute. I currently have my .Start of iden.y server relevant configuration -->. . .

Best practices for deploying p.words and other sensitive data to ASP.NET and Azure App Service. 05/21/2015; 7 minutes to read Contributors.Keeping .NET app settings secrets out of source control. Whether your app is a desktop client app or a website, it's important to keep p.words, connection strings, and API keys out of source control..When using rewrite maps in IIS URL Rewrite it is very common to have a very large number of entries in a rewrite map. In order to avoid cluttering.For anyone else frustrated with the same issue - while I did not find the crux of the problem, I did figure out that this problem was related to the Iden.y of the Application Pool that the website was running under..

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