Identity Column Sybase

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An IDEN.Y column contains a value for each row, generated automati.y by Adaptive Server, that uniquely identifies the row within the table. Each table can have only one IDEN.Y column. You can define an IDEN.Y column when you create a table with a create table or select into statement, or add it later with an alter table statement..When you add an IDEN.Y column to a table, Adaptive Serverigns a unique sequential value, beginning with the value 1, to each row. If the table contains a large number of rows, this process can be time consuming. If the number of rows exceeds the maximum value allowed for the column in this case, 10 5 - 1, or 99,999 , the alter .DEFAULT AUTOINCREMENT and IDEN.Y properties allow you to automati.y generate unique integer numbers IDs, sequences for a column in Sybase ASA..I have a sybase table "Test" having the following columns: MyIden.y numberic 9,0 Name User The table is filled with lots of records. I want to alter MyIden.y column to be an iden.y..

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