Identity Column Sybase

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Each table can have only one IDEN.Y column. You can define an IDEN.Y column when you create a table with a create table or select into statement, or add it later with an alter table statement..Adding IDEN.Y columns. You can add IDEN.Y columns only with a default value of NOT NULL. You cannot specify a default clause for a new IDEN.Y column. When you add an IDEN.Y column to a table, Adaptive Serverigns a unique sequential value, beginning with the value 1, to each row.. - Some activities, such as manual insertions, deletions, or transaction rollbacks, and server shutdowns or failures, can create gaps in IDEN.Y column values. Create IDEN.Y Columns with User-Defined Datatypes. Reference IDEN.Y Columns. Refer to IDEN.Y Columns with syb_iden.y..Adaptive-Server-generated values for IDEN.Y columns. When you insert a row into a table with an IDEN.Y column, Adaptive Server automati.y generates the column value. Do not include the name of the IDEN.Y column in the column list or its value in the values list. This insert statement adds a new row to the .

You're inserting values for OperationId that is an iden.y column. You can turn on iden.y insert on the table like this so that you can specify your own iden.y . In one of our previous blog post, we had covered how to generate the export and import commands in DB2 LUW via SQL. .Loading DocCommentXchange Loading DocCommentXchange .Hopefully thele has made it quite clear. I would like to see an example of a alter table statement that can change an existing non-nullable column in a Sybase .

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