Identity Column In Teradata

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Always generates a unique value for the column when Teradata Database inserts a new row into the table and NO CYCLE is specified. If you load the same row twice into an iden.y column table, it is not rejected as a duplicate because it is made unique as soon as an iden.y column value is generated for it..Teradata IDEN.Y columns. I have searched for an answer to my query and surprisingly have found no answer. I do find it a bit difficult to .Iden.y Column. You cannot specify iden.y columns for nonpar.ioned NoPI tables. You should not specify an iden.y column for a table that will be used with Unity Director. You cannot insert values into, or update, an iden.y column defined as GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDEN.Y..If you insert a value into an iden.y column that is also the primary index for the table and defined as GENERATED ALWAYS, Teradata Database generates the iden.y column value on the PE before it hashes the row to its AMP..

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