Identity Column In Teradata

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Teradata Database generates values for the column when a new row is inserted into the table except in certain cases described later. The generated value is guaranteed to be unique within the set of generated values only if you specify the NO CYCLE option. IF you are using the iden.y column for this purpose .Teradata IDEN.Y columns. I have searched for an answer to my query and surprisingly have found no answer. I do find it a bit difficult to believe that almost 100 of people INSERT VALUES as opposed to INSERT SELECTing. So, my query is: CREATE SET TABLE cdm.acl_test ,NO FALLBACK ,.

Teradata Unity does not support iden.y columns for bulk data loads because Teradata Database processes rows in different orders on different systems. Because of this, it is not possible to guarantee that the same data row .What are Teradata Iden.y Columns? The iden.y column feature allows generating unique numbers for each row inserted into a column. Iden.y columns can be uses for transactional or bulk inserts. By using Iden.y Columns, we can reduce costs because column uniqueness is ensured without the overhead caused when using a unique .IDEN.Y column can be set on Teradata table. It can be done while creating a table and you can not alter once you created. You can not say that the numbers generated by IDEN.Y will always be in sequence. This is because the iden.y column values are generated on an amp-local basis..I have the following table CREATE SET TABLE myTab,FALLBACK,NO BEFORE JOURNAL,NO AFTER JOURNAL,CHECKSUM = DEFAULT,DEFAULT MERGEBLOCKRATIO my_id BIGINT .

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