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Get your official UK ID Card from VALIDATE UK. Proof of Age Card - Official UK P.o Identification Card accredited by P., the proof of age standards scheme..Iden.y cards have been s.ped - what to do if you still have one, biometric residence permits, iden.y cards for foreign nationals..In 2003, Blunkett announced that the government intended to introduce a "British national iden.y card" linked to a national iden.y database, the National Iden.y Register. The proposals were included in the November 2003 Queen 's, despite doubts over the ability of the scheme to prevent terrorism. Feedback from .

Official p.o id for the uk VALIDATE UK bears the Phologram. The Proof of Age Standards Scheme P. is the UK's national guarantee scheme for proof-of-age cards..Iden.y cards were s.ped in 2011 - they're no longer valid and you can't use them as proof of identify. You don't have to return your iden.y card. You should destroy it or .CitizenCard - national p.o ID and proof of age card. Apply online for your UK ID card today. Trusted iden.y cards since 1999 bear Home .Returning to the UK with a cancelled iden.y card. The decision to grant entry at a port after this time is a matter for the UK Bordercy. Ports staff will be made aware of the cancellation iden.y cards and will apply their discretion in relation to people coming back to the UK on an iden.y card..

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