Identity Card Belgium

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All Belgians aged 12 and above are issued with an iden.y card Belgians aged 15 and above are required to always carry it with them unless they are within 200 m from their homes. Foreigners must at all times be able to provide identification, either a p.port, or an iden.y do.ent issued by another EU member state. .All Belgian nationals over 12 years old who have their primary residence abroad and who are listed in the population registers of a Belgian emb.y or career consulate, can apply for a Belgian iden.y card..The Belgian emb.ies and career consulates issue electronic iden.y cards to Belgians who are listed in their population registers: eID: electronic iden.y card fors and children older than 12. Kids-ID: electronic iden.y card for children younger than 12. These eID and Kids-ID offer various benefits: Handy bank card .

The German Iden.y Card German: Personalausweis is issued to German citizens by the local registration offices and diplomatic missions abroad although today they .The Greek iden.y Card Greek: is an official do.ent of theenic Republic, used to certify one's .Download and install the eID software for electronic iden.y.Get eID expertise now - Gemalto is contributing to 40 national eID programs including Belgium, the Czech republic, Estonia, Finland,Sweden, South Africa .

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