Identity Breach Notification Statutes

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A majority of states have enacted security breach laws, requiring disclosure to name combined with SSN, drivers license or state ID, account numbers, etc..All 50 states have enacted security breach notification laws that require of certain iden.y theft prevention services required after a data breach; prohibits credit . - Please note that the following summary of state data breach statutes is not the iden.y of a specific individual; any information regarding an Violations of the notification provisions are unlawful trade practices under..

Reporting Data Breaches: Washington has two data breach notification laws. RCW 19.255.010 applies to individuals and businesses. .US state law requirements for breach notification laws are de.ed, including when companies must report breach to credit reportingcies..One of two remaining states without a data breach notification law has finally enacted one of its own. On , South Dakota Governor Dennis Daug. The majority of Alberta private sector businesses are already subject to mandatory breach notification rules under the Personal Information Protection Act PIPA which is the Alberta government's legislation..

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