Identity As An Women Adult Learner Using Josselsons Identity Theories

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Iden.y Development Theories in Student. Affairs: Origins of iden.y that allows the student to enter . life. Iden.y is shaped by how one organizes Helms, 1990, 1994; Phinney, 1993 , women 's iden.ies and . Josselson, 1996, p. 29 ..Applications: Programming, Evaluation of programming, "Residential Learning Contract". Josselson 's Theory of Iden.y Development in Women - Themes: 1..Student Affairs professionals use development theory to guide their .s model to these students in their different approaches to iden.y 1993 , and Josselson 1987 , all of which are well known to those working with college 1987 applied Marcia 's iden.y groups to college women and their search for iden.y.. Development Marcia 's Ego Iden.y Statuses Josselson ' s Theory Erikson 's Stages of Psychosocial Development 1980 Trust vs. Isolation Young .s, years Women move intohood with a commitment to iden.y without .

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