Identity As An Women Adult Learner Using Josselsons Identity Theories

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Emerging .s. Theory and Iden.y Development. Diane J. Wolter, Ph.D. = Student Affairs professionals use development theory to guide their programs and foreclosure, iden.y diffusion, moratorium and iden.y achievement. Rut.en Josselson. 1987 applied Marcia 's iden.y groups to college women and their .This page will review the following theories: Erickson 's Stages of Psychosocial Development Marcia 's Ego Iden.y Statuses Josselson ' s Theory Erikson 's Stages of Women move intohood with a commitment to iden.y without experiencing any iden.y cr.; Iden.y Achievements: Pavers of the Way Pathmakers ..Helms, 1990, 1994; Phinney, 1993 , women 's iden.ies and moral development Gilligan,. 1979, 1982; Josselson, 1996 , andual orientation C., 1979; D 'Augelli, 1994 . In keeping with the psychological tradition, most of the early theories were stage based and linear, although some provided for the possibility of the .The numerous points of theoretical communality between iden.y status theory and Erikson 's theory are sufficient to justify the claim that those using the iden.y Unpublished master 's thesis. Josselson, 1987. R.L. Josselson. Finding herself: Pathways of iden.y development in women, Jossey-B., San Francisco 1987 ..

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