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Valid or expired, undamaged U.S. p.port book or p.port card; In-state, fully valid driver 's license or enhanced driver 's license with p.o; In-state, fully valid .Acceptable Proof of Iden.y for P.port Applications. Submitting acceptable proof of iden.y is one of the requirements when applying for a p.port. There are both primary and secondary proofs of iden.y that you can submit.. - Iden.y and P.port Service is nowed HM P.port Office. Iden.y and P.port Service became Her Majesty 's P.port Office in May .

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    You must present a government-issued p.o identification do.ent ID when submitting Form DS-11 if you are: Valid or expired, undamaged U.S. p.port book or p.port card ; In-state, fully valid driver's license or enhanced driver's license with p.o; In-state, fully valid learner's permit with p.o .

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    HM P.port Office is the sole issuer of UK p.ports and responsible for civil registration services through the General Register Office. HM P.port Office is part of the Home Office..

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    The Iden.y and P.port Service was established on , following the of the Iden.y Cards Act 2006 which merged the UK P.port Service with the Home Office's Iden.y Cards programme to form the new executivecy..

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    The p.port book and p.port card are both U.S. p.ports. If issued for the full validity, they are both proof of your U.S. citizenship and iden.y. See the chart below to decide which is best for you..

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