Identity And Passport

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In-state, fully valid driver 's license not temporary or learner 's permit ; Fully-valid, undamaged U.S. p.port book or p.port card with recognizable p.o, can be expired ; Certificate of Naturalization with recognizable p.o ; Certificate of Citizenship with recognizable p.o ; Government employee ID city, county, state, .Acceptable Proof of Iden.y for P.port Applications. Submitting acceptable proof of iden.y is one of the requirements when applying for a p.port. If you apply at a P.port Application Acceptance Facility and submit an out-of-state primary identification, you also have to .Proof of Iden.y is required for ALL p.port applicants. You can prove your iden.y with a previous U.S. p.port. It should be in good condition, not mutilated, altered, or damaged p.ports as it will not be accepted. You can also use your Naturalization Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship, or a current and valid drivers .Alternate Proof of Identification for a P.port. If a current, valid Driver 's License is not available, you must provide SEVERAL of the following forms of identification to better establish your iden.y. The following is a suggested list of do.ents, which have proved helpful in the past with other applications. In particular, school .

The mission of Iden.y Malta is to execute the functions and duties of the Public administration in matters relating to p.ports, iden.y do.ents, work and .Please provide this guidance sheet to the person who will certifying the p.ocopy of your p.o identification i.e. p.port, iden.y card ..The Iden.y Theft P.port Act established by Iowa Code section 715A.9A provides iden.y theft victims with a way to substantiate the crime to creditors and law .Children need their own p.port or iden.y card to travel abroad. It is not possible to include a child on their parent's iden.y papers..

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