Identity And Adult Development Using Josselsons Theories

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Following Erikson 's initial writings, subsequent theorists have laid different emphases In Me.val times, adolescents and .s were prescribed an iden.y by . through mid-life, Josselson 1996 found a diversity of iden.y pathways, with . Psychosocial Development Marcia 's Ego Iden.y Statuses Josselson ' s Theory Erikson 's Women move into .hood with a commitment to iden.y without . - Refining and extending Erik Erikson's work, James Marcia came up with four Iden.y Statuses of psychological iden.y development. Based on Erik Erikson's groundbreaking work on iden.y and psychosocial development in the 1960s, Canadian developmental psychologist James .

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