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- When using this failover capability make sure you synchronize URL settings in com.sun.iden.y ts.config.naming.url , com.sun.iden.y ts.config.login.url , com.sun.iden.y ts.config.cdsso.cdcservlet.url , and com.sun.iden.y ts.config.logout.url such that each service shares the same index .When com.sun.iden.y ts.config.sso.only is false , which is the default, the web policyts will also manage user authorization, by using the policy engine in OpenAM. For more OpenAM provides co.e reset properties that thet carries out prior to redirecting the client to a login page for authentication..Com.forgerock ts.ext.url.validation.default.url.set. This property takes a comma-separated list of indefor URL values indicating the order in which to fail over, where the indeare taken from the values set for com.sun.iden.y ts.config.naming.url, com.sun. iden.y ts.config.login.url, . - Set this to the realm name where thet authenticates to OpenAM. com.sun.iden.y ts.config.profilename. Set this to the profile name used to fetcht configuration data. Unless multiplets use the same credentials to authenticate, this is the same as com.sun.iden.y ..

OpenAM Conditional Login Url. Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. and for j2ee .t 3.1 the key is com.sun.iden.y ts.config.conditional.login.url.. com.sun.iden.y ts.config.login.form[]-swap enabled: Yes. This property is a list construct..Com.sun.iden.y ts.config.login.url. You may specify more than one login URL as follows: com.sun.iden.y ts.config.login.url[0] = primary-AM-server..The Iden.y Awareness Configuration wizard opens. you can let users save the p.words they enter in the Endpoint login window..

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