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- Indications: Implantation of Iden.y ADx pulse generators is indicated in the following permanent conditions, whenociated with symptoms, .Manuale d 'uso Iden.y ADx. 1. Figura 1. Dispositivo Iden.y ADx XL DR Modello 5386 e Dispositivo Iden.y ADx DR Modello 5380. Descrizione. I generatori di .1. Abbildung 1. Iden.y ADx XL DR Modell 5386 und Iden.y ADx DR Modell 5380. Beschreibung. Iden.y ADx sind implantierbare, multiprogrammierbare und .Iden.y ADx XL DR 5386. by somat; 2013-02-05 06:02:31; General Posting; 2645 views; 5 comments.o everyone, I have St. Jude ADx XL DR 5386..

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