Identity Adxdr Pacemaker

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- Indications: Implantation of Iden.y ADx pulse generators is indicated in the following permanent conditions, whenociated with symptoms, including but not limited to: syncope, presyncope, fatigue, disorientation or any combination of those symptoms. Rate-Modulated Pacing , .The Iden.y ADx pacemaker family, which includes the world 's smallest dual-chamber pacemaker, provides clinicians with the most advanced pacemaker technology available, including the revolutionary AF Suppression algorithm, the first and only U.S. commercially approved algorithm designed to suppress atrial .Iden.y ADx XL DR 5386. by somat; 2013-02-05 06:02:31; General Posting; 2511 views; 5 comments.o everyone, I have St. Jude ADx XL DR 5386. I am due for replacement in a year or two. I am curious to know if there is any newer model similar type PM, from St. Jude?.Results 1 - - accent, accent rf, en.y, iden.y, iden.y adx, iden.y 62 St. Jude Medical, Inc. P880086 S246, 09/04/2014. accent sr rf, accent dr rf pacemakers63, St. Jude Medical, Inc. P880086 S244, 07/09/2014. accent, verity, iden.y, zephyr,urity/+, endurity crt-p64 St. Jude Medical, Inc. P880086 S243 .

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