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When you configure an account, Thunderbird creates a default "iden.y" for the account that contains information like your name, your email address, the .This page describes Thunderbird 's configuration options that affect your iden.y. Specify a certificate to digitally sign outgoing messages for the selected iden.y Specify the outgoing SMTP server used to send messages for the selected iden.y.. - Correct Iden.y 1.4.7 Requires Restart. by Dennis Verspuij. Ever sent mail from the wrong email address because you forgot to select the .Multiple Iden.ies in Thunderbird. Software: Thunderbird. Platform: Mac/Win. Overview. Thunderbird defines your iden.y as the information other people see .

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  • Support Mozilla Org

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us..

  • Managing Iden Ies In Thunderbird General Settings

    Thunderbird supports multiple email accounts and iden.ies, and lets you switch from one the other on the fly. In Outlook Express, for example, you must in effect log off and log back in to switch iden.y. Practical example: Nina is morning receptionist, and Lisa works in the afternoons..

  • Multiple Iden Ies Per E Mail Account Mozillazine

    When you write a new message, Thunderbird uses the default iden.y for the account you are working in. When you reply to a message, Thunderbird uses the iden.y that matches the address the message was originally sent to, if it can find a match in the account you are working in..

  • Iden Y Chooser Add Ons For Thunderbird

    Do you remember the first time you accidentally sent a work related email from your private email account?, right? Iden.y Chooser helps you to prevent that..

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