Identitiy Theft Rebound

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- An iden.y thief can take advantage of this information and use it to into your savings, chequing, and credit accounts. They can also do damage to your finances in many other ways, by applying for credit and taking out loans using your iden.y, and in doing so, pile a hazardous amount of financial debt . - Los Angeles, CA PRWEB -- With recent surveys showing iden.y theft on the rebound,, a credit card comparison website,.As iden.y theft rebounds, our new infographic offers tips to protect your money and good name. Iden.y fraud has made a comeback, reports a recent survey byelin Strategy Research, striking an estimated 11.6 million Americans in 2011 compared with 10.2 million in 2010: an increase of 13 .. - IBD 'S TAKE: IBD 's Ken Shreve says shares of LifeLock, an iden.y theft protection services company, have been rebounding but quarterly sales growth has been slowing..

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