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- In earlier versions of Outlook Express, you can distinguish between multiple users by creating user profiles. In Outlook Express 5 and later, a new featureed iden.ies performs this function. This article describes how to create, use, and manage iden.ies in Outlook Express.. - Until Microsoft corrects the problem, you must go into the Task Manager press Ctrl-Alt-Del , choose the Processes tab, and end the Msimn.exe process. Then relaunch Outlook Express and you should be able to switch between iden.ies freely. Keep these instructions handy, because each time you reboot, .If you have more than one user on the same PC, you can set up a separate iden.y for them. That way, they won 't get their account mixed up with yours. They won 't be able to see your emails, and you won 't be able to see theirs. To set up a separate iden.y in Outlook Express, do the following: Open up Outlook Express .To add a separate iden.y in Outlook Express you will first need to open the program. Now click on File, Iden.ies, and finally Add an Iden.y. 2. In this "New Iden.y" window you should insert a name that you would like to use to identify the iden.y. Now click on OK. 3. The iden.y is now added and now needs to be setup..

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