Identities In Vista

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- Vista Equity Partners to Acquire Ping Iden.y. About Ping Iden.y | The Iden.y Defined Security Company. Ping Iden.y is the leader in Iden.y Defined Security for the borderless enterprise, allowing employees, customers and partners access to the applications they need. About Vista Equity Partners. Ping Iden.y . - Then came the surprising news that it had been sold to a private equity firm, Vista Equity Partners. It didn 't add up and I was anxious to ask .Vista Equity Partners, Ping Iden.y, provides next generation iden.y and access management software for global enterprises.. - Vista Equity Partners said Wednesday that it is acquiring Ping Iden.y, a firm that manages employees ' digital iden.ies, for an undisclosed sum .

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