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In mathematics, especially in the fields of representation theory and module theory, a Frobenius Every group ring of a finite group over a field is a Frobenius alge., with Frobenius form a,b the coefficient of the iden.y element in ab..The pade table, the frobenius iden.ies, and the qd algorithm. Author links open overlay panelA.S.Householder. Show more..The Frobenius iden.ies in frame theory have recently attracted the author 's at- tention. Let h : B A be a meet-preserving map between complete lattices, and..Frobenius Triangle Iden.ies. Let C_ L,M be a Pade approximant. Then. C_ L+1 /M S_ L-1, = C_ L/M S_ L/M . 1 . C_ L/ M+1 S_ L+1, = C_ L+1 / M+1 xS_ .

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