Identiti Dr Jeckyll

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- 2018 sees Britnd Iden.i cele.ting twenty years of designing bikes. They 're taking this opportunity to release two new bikes: a 140mm forked hard.ed the AKA and a 26in wheeled dirtjump bikeed the Dr Jekyll. Those of you who can be carbon-dated back to 1998 may remember .Iden.i was founded from the back of a local bike shop in 1998. The cliche of 'for riders by riders ' rings true here - We make bikes we want to ride every evening and weekend, year on year. We develop and test our bikes thoroughly on our home turf, as well as abroad, ensuring our bikes get real world tested, in real world . is the best part, its much better than other dropouts. they can be replaced if bent unlikely as they are pretty beefy and if running single s.d with discs its a piece of cake to adjust, unlike some frames with horizontal d.outes where the caliper mounts are on the frame. the dr Jekyll 's move with the dropout..

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