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We employed a meticulous and methodological approach to identify the best suited region for gene insertion, which we show has no detectable off target effects on the bovine genome". The researchers inserted the NRAMP1 gene into the genome of bovine foetal fibroblasts - a cell derived from female dairy cows - using .Teamwork and technology work hand-in-hand at Sand Creek. Dairy to achieve high milk production. With a rolling herd average of 30,290 pounds of milk, the 1,200 cow Holstein and Jersey herd routinely ranks as one of the top producing herds with NorthStar DHI. Teamwork is vital to the progress of the Hastings, Michigan . - A small-scale dairy farmer with her cows in Uganda. A new three-year project will identify and make available appropriate dairy cows for smallholders in East Africa to help them increase their milk yields p.o credit: EADD . A new project identifying appropriate dairy breeds for small-scale farmers in East .A database collected at the Bell Ranch, New Mexico N = 182 , was used to evaluate the ranking from most to least efficient cows. the most and least efficient cows for their resource, and can be used to simulate different production scenarios to identify the best match of cow type to alternative management systems..

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