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It feeds primarily on small mammals and also takes small birds. It has a slow, silent moth-like are similar, but females are darker in color than the .Ducks, Geese Swans. Return to Top. ' Greater White-fronted Goose. Upland Game Birds. Return to Top. ' Northern Bobwhite. Loons Grebes. Return to Top. ' Pied-billed Grebe. Pigeons Doves. Return to Top. ' Rock Pigeon. Cuckoos Roadrunners. Return to Top. Nightjars. Return to Top. Swifts. Return to Top. .10 Highlight Birds in Michigan. Spruce Grouse. Male spruce grouse. Sandhill Crane. Sandhill crane. Piping Plover. Piping plover, p.o by / Wikimedia. Great Gray Owl. Great gray owl, p.o by Cephas / Wikimedia. Pileated Wood Carolina Wren. Golden-winged Warbler. Kirtland 's Warbler..

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