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Las Vegas Hookers | Bachelor Vegas. Posted on by Huseyin Polat. One of the biggest misconceptions about the city of Las Vegas is the legality behind pros.ution. Despite the popular belief that just about anything in Vegas is legal, the state of Nevada prohibits pros.ution in county's with more than 400,000 inhabitants..I was 21 when I learned the valuable lesson of never hitting a bar alone, especially at a top resortel. It was Christmas time and I took a break from browsing a few shops on a Thursday afternoon, to stop inside one of the lounges.. Money Shooting on the .: Las Vegas's Pros.ution Secret. Sin City has long beenociated with the industry, but today's street trade has a much darker underbelly..Pros.ution is legal in any county in Nevada with less than 400,000 residents. The only two counties that this excludes is Clark County i.e. Las Vegas and Washoe County i.e. Reno . Everywhere else in Nevada; however, pros.ution is legal and may take place in legal brothels like the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch or Sheri's Ranch..

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