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Physi.y, there is no way to determine gender, although there are some characteristics that tend differ slightly between males and females. You should contact an avian veterinarian or have a DNA test conducted if you want a definitive answer. This is the only way to be certain of the of your African Grey parrot.. - Although it 's not very easy to distinguish between male and female African grey parrots but you can still try to differ between them after reading these 6 differences. The best way to determine the of the bird is DNA .ing. Male African Grey Parrot. Female African Grey Parrot. 1- Male African Grey Parrots .While there are naysayers in the avian community, visually .ing the Congo African grey parrot Psittacus erithacus can be done. It must be noted that all of we did visual .ing. When we came upon one particular bird in the group, none of us could define whether it was male or female, so we did take blood to send off..

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