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Year, Scientific Name, English Name, Distribution, Max. Length cm . 1935, Abactochromis labrosus, Africa, 11.5 SL. 1849, Acarichthys heckelii, Threadfin acara, South America, 13.4 SL. 1840, Acaronia n.a, Bigeye cichlid, South America, 15.4 SL. 1989, Acaronia vultuosa, South America, 12.2 SL. 1956, Aequidens .This resource does not display every cichlid species. Instead, we display 30 of the most common African cichlid genera by showing a few examples of what fishes within each genus look like. This page is a great "starter" for learning to identify your mystery cichlid. The express purpose of this page is to help you learn . - Oc.ionally the information provided by fish stores is inaccurate, particularly when it comes to the spelling of a cichlid 's name. This can make it very hard to look up information in books or online. The purpose of this page is to help the beginner on the road to identifying the type of cichlid he or she has or is .Fish guides for all types of cichlids: African Cichlids, South American Cichlids, Central American Cichlids, and Dwarf Cichlids with information, care and pictures..

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