Identifyingantique Desks

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- Some antique desks don 't really look like desks at first glance. Learn to identify a number of different desk styles here..Typewriter Desk. By UnderwoodNo57 years ago help identifying wooden desk manufacturer. By StoopidFoxx3 years ago Curved Leg Antique Table vanity? By bethanne3 months ago Partners desk. By Vls3 months ago Writing Desk. By sbrito12133 months ago Victorian Desk. Antiquemikey4 months ago My latest .Before you refinish antique furniture, it 's important to evaluate whether it 's worthy of saving. Learn to identify antique furniture for refinishing..Antique desks were once utilitarian furniture pieces that served multiple functions, such as storing pens, papers, books, and papers for writing. Now, they occupy reverede in homes and businesses .

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