Identifying Your Syndicated Content With

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- It 's all about finding a balance. As mentioned above, you want to syndicate some of your best stuff so that you can build a good reputation with a larger au.nce however, you 'll also want to ensure that there is a lot of high quality content which is unique to your site because the reputation-building benefit . - These guidelines will help you determine the best and worst practices for syndicating yournd 's content.. - Do you just want to keep your fans updated on the latest product or service? Reviewing your initial goals should help you not only create content, but also decide where and how to share. Now it is time to identify your au.nce and where they spend most of their time online. After all, if you 're just blogging to . - If you want to doublecheck that your syndication partner is using a canonical tag, you can run their page through a tool like SEO Review Tools ' canonical checker. There are other safe ways to syndicate content too. Both of the following ideas are from Eric Enge 's Whiteboard Friday as featured on Moz..

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