Identifying Yellow Jacket

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Stinging Pests: Facts, Identification Control. While the stings from wasps, bees, hornets, or yellow jackets may hurt, they can also cause more serious health issues like painful swelling, infections, nausea, and in rare cases even. In the warm months, stinging insects buzz .Jump to Identification - Polistes dominula, a species of paper wasp, is very frequently misidentified as a yellowjacket. A typical yellowjacket worker is about . - Arctic Hornet or Arctic Yellowjacket was albida THE MAIN CHARACTERS FOR IDENTIFICATION INCLUDE: - Presence of a vertical yellow .If a yellow jacket nest poses an immediate threat to p.ersby, including pets, then you may need to take actions see When Yellow Jacket Control is Necessary, below . Be sure to positively identify the insects, however. You don 't want to inadvertently destroy the nests of bees or other look-alikes..

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