Identifying Woodworm

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Tell tale sign 1 - Small round exit holes. Look out for small round exit holes. Fine, powdery dust the insects excreta can often be found around the exit holes mentioned above, this is known as fr As the woodworm infestation progresses, gradually you may begin to notice crumbly edges to floor boards and joists..

How to tell if woodworm is active and what to look for when surveying for timber infestations including where to look..Woodworm . Woodworm love to wood. Depending on the type of woodworm, they can wood within the structure of a building and .A practical guide to woodworm infestation and its eradication by building pathologist and environmental scientist Tim Hutton.Peter, founded in 1951 and the UK market leader in its field, is widely recognised as a company to trust with its unrivalled experience in the repair and .

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