Identifying Woodworm

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Tell tale signs of a woodworm infestation. Look out for small round exit holes. Fine, powdery dust the insects excreta can often be found around the exit holes mentioned above, this is known as fr As the woodworm infestation progresses, gradually you may begin to notice crumbly edges to floor boards and joists..Wood Boring Weevil woodworm can be found in wood damaged by fungal decay. You can identify this woodworm by for tiny holes with ragged bore holes and codust. Look for tunnels that run against the grain and often break the surface of the damaged wood. Detect Powder Post Beetle woodworm..The obvious way to identify a woodworm beetle issue is by at what we 'exit holes' in any wood or timber. Signs of Woodworm Beetle in Your Property. Spotting Woodworm, Beetles and Larvae..Woodworm Larvae - Can beed wood grub and are usually a creamy-white colour. Fresh Exit Holes In Timber. Round or oval shaped exit holes are approximately 2mm in size. Tunnels In Wood. Bore Dust. Weak Damaged Floor Boards. Crumbling Wood. Live Beetles. Dead Beetles. Eggs..

How to Treat Woodworm. Woodworm refers to the damage caused by insect larvae living under the surface of wood; this type of infestation can damage wood if .A practical guide to woodworm infestation and its eradication by building pathologist and environmental scientist Tim Hutton.How to tell if woodworm is active and what to look for when surveying for timber infestations including where to look..Property Repair Systems offers you safe Boron based treatments. 01626 331351 for free help from our Qualified experts who have over 30 years experience each and can diagnose woodworm properly to avoid wasted re-treatment..

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