Identifying Vortech Superchargers

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The California Air Resource Exemption Number of each Vortech supercharger is stamped on the serial number identification tag. You can also check the Internet for the latest exemption numbers at///msprog/aftermkt/devices/devices.htm after selecting this web site, select the device type "supercharger .Vortech Supercharger Comparison Chart Click on top 'show more/less superchargers ', then make sure all 3 options are checked, click 'reload with changes ', then when you click on the far left blue name of a particular blower, it will take you to it 's spec page which also shows a pic on the blower with the .Also on the ID tag of the unidentified headunit it says Gearcharger, insted of Supercharger, like my currently used S-trim When ied vortech and gave them the serial #, the tech guy told me its standard rotation, and it must be older then 6 years, becuase they dont keep track of serial numbers that far past .Vortech superchargers label their compressors in names such as V-1 Si-Trim, V-3 Si-Trim, V-2 Si-trim, or V-1 T-Trim. The first half in which Vortech labels their compressors tells you the type of gear case or transmission Vortech is using. The second half tells you more about the size of the supercharger and type of impeller .

2017 - A Year Of Wins And Records Broken For Team Vortech Racing Vortech Superchargers Read More.Have questions about Vortech Superchargers? You've come to the right place. Click here to see what people are asking about Vortech Superchargers..Founded in 1990, Vortech Engineering, Inc. has, almost since inception, been one of the most recognizable names in automotive high performance, especially when.SuperchargersOnline : What is the difference between a Vortech V-1, V-2, V-3 Trim? - Supercharger Systems Supercharger Head Units Supercharger Parts Rebuilding .

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