Identifying Vinyl Siding Weep Holes

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- Q. Three years ago we had vinyl siding put on our home and found it satisfactory in every way. However, someone told us that they had heard of wood rotting under the siding. I don 't believe it but am asking for your comments anyway. Mrs. Delcie D. Bean Jr. Jaffrey, New Hampshire. A. We fired this . - h Weep Hole Shapes. Weep holes are an integral aspect of certain types of siding e.g., certain vinyl siding that provides a path for moisture to escape from behind the exterior cladding. The weep holes are typi.y located on the bottom of the vinyl siding. Some manufacturers have developed weep . - I 've been noticing some water drips from weep holes in the siding. I 've seen it with no rain and The vinyl protects that stuff, looks a lot better, and is designed to breathe and weep and evaporate any water stuck behind it. Main reason Finding out for sure would be tricky I 'muming. I know the weep .Bottom line is water gets behind vinyl siding, there 's nothing water about the stuff. Luckily you have weep holes for the water to escape. The important issue is if all of the prep work It does sound like a condensation problem,but finding the source may take some digging. A description of the house .

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