Identifying Vintage Coke Machines

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Shop for-and learn about-Vintagee Machines. In the early part of the 20th century, most corner grocery stores kept their inventories of bottled .Grand America Jukebox offers Vendo Coca Cola Machine history and Serial Numbers, to help establish a date of manufacture. To establish the date a Vendo Coca Cola machine was built, first locate the metal ID tag fastened to the cabinet. You will need BOTH the Model number and the Serial number from that metal ID tag .Acquiring as much knowledge about Coca-Cola vending machines as you can possibly get will help you feel more confident when buying or selling them. You can find the following books on soda vending machines at Amazon, Cl.ic Soda Machines and Vintage Coca-Cola Machines a Price and Identification Guide to . - Coca-Cola vending machines are cl.ic Americana, with some machines dating back to the late 19th Century. They are sought after by vendors for that cl.ic .e machine look and bye collection enthusiasts the world over. But once you 've got the vending machine, it can be tough to identify .

Grand America Jukebox 636-928-1010, Restores, Repairs, Buys and Sells Vintage Westinghouse .e Machines, Coca-Cola machines.Includes: early .e machines, the vendo company, additional antique and vintagee machine manufacturers, resources for vintage and antique .e machines, and a .Includes: history of .e vending machines, and determining the value of vintage coca cola machines..For Asa Cargill, who has a m.ive .e bottle tattooed on his right arm, his connection to the company is more than skin deep. Cargill grew up in a family deeply .

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