Identifying Vintage Acoustic Guitars

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Identifying Vintage Guitars, Banjos Mandolins. Back to Research > Guitar Information. Epiphone: Current Serial Number Information; Epiphone Body Sizes Through 1957; Gibson A Style Mandolins; Gibson L-Series Guitars; Gibson Nick Lucas Special; Gibson LG-Series Guitars; Gibson F-Series Guitars; Gibson B-Series . - Hi everyone! I am trying to identify an old guitar I inherited from my grandmother. One of the guys in repairs at McCabe 's in LA thought it might be an old Martin. There are no visible markings or serial number on the guitar that I can find, though. It has a beautiful tone and very long sustain. I 've posted some .We never give valuations. Ever. Our identification and dating service is at our discretion. We will do it when we have time. We do not enter into long discussions about guitars nor provide de.ed explanantions. Old acoustic and cl.ical guitars are often very hard to identify. We cannot guarantee to be able to identify these.. - This little guitar isn 't worth anything, and I don 't think I paid a lot for it $150, $175 I don 't re It 's a great little player on any day regardless of its pedigree. I refretted it quite some time ago and rebuilt the crumbling old pyramid bridge which is hanging on for dear life and should be replaced altogether ..

Yamaha Vintage FG Acoustic Guitars. A site dedicated to identifying and repairing vintage Yamaha FG acoustic guitars. Not affiliated with the Yamaha Corporation..All about rare vintage guitars, guitar amps, fx pedals and more!.Vintage guitar and b. guitar information, for collectors and players. Model de.s, p.os, soundclips, catalogue scans and cl.ic advertising for instruments by .Find Martin Guitars serial numbers, Find and buy vintage instruments like vintage martin guitars and other vintage guitars, mandolins, pianos, and percussion..

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