Identifying Victims After Disaster By Gould

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Gould. First published: November 2005 Full publication history; DOI: 10.1525/an.2005.46.8.22 View/save citation; Cited by CrossRef : 0 articles Check for updates. Citation tools. Set citation alert. Citing literature .On Gould published: Identifying Victims after a Disaster..Answer to Comment on "Identifying victims after a disaster" by Gould and Brown U anthropology 106 course .The article, 'Identifying Victims after a Disaster ' written by Gould and Brown is hugely pertinent as it raises the need for disaster anthropologists..

Watch breaking newss, virals and original clips on human trafficking via operations research andytics: Opportunities for methods, models, and applications.The long-run consequences of Cher.yl: Evidence on subjective well-being, mental health and welfare.The disaster would quickly gain the attention of local newspapers, with Ogden's own Standard dedicating at least one piece a day of coverage for the weeks following .

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